This is the official documentation of Gangster Finance. As the platform continues to grow, and as our developers find time to do so, features and updates will be documented here on GitBook.
Gangster Finance is a platform built upon Binance Smart Chain, offering single-asset staking vaults and a range of other smart contract based applications which bring simple exposure to DeFi protocols to the everyday user. Anyone connected to Binance Smart Chain is able to access the Gangster Finance ecosystem and range of applications.
The main offering of Gangster Finance is a series of single-asset staking vaults. Users who participate in these contracts not only save and earn the single asset of each vault they participate in, but also assist in the potential of creating long-term price or value stability for the token being staked.
This documentation is designed to assist users of the Gangster Finance platform. We encourage everyone reading this documentation to join our Telegram group and our Discord server. Thank You!