OG Vaults

The OG Vaults are the cornerstone project of Gangster Finance, bringing multi-reward single asset staking and incentivized savings mechanics to anyone who uses Binance Smart Chain.
OG Vaults are the primary offering of Gangster Finance. There are five vaults which will be available from launch date on the platform, with the capacity to add more vaults in the future. The five tokens which have vaults include WBNB, BUSD, BTCB, xSK and OGX.
While using the respective interfaces of each vault, users will be able to deposit and withdraw their tokens, reinvest their earnings, harvest them (withdraw to wallet), or even transfer staked tokens to another address. The interface aims to make this easy, regardless of device or screen size.
OG Vaults offer a quick and easy method to stake your tokens, earning both that same token and OGX token as you stake! All OG Vaults collect a 10% fee on every deposit and withdrawal, which is dispersed between the Daily Drip pool and Instant Dividends.
Additionally, OG vaults issue and mint OGX token on every deposit and compound, directly to the depositor/compounder's wallet. This is the only way to earn or create OGX tokens - these vaults are the only ones which will ever be able to create more OGX.