Market Generation Event (MGE)

The Ultimate Fair Launch Event, for GFI Token
Gangster Finance is proud to present the latest utility to be brought to the platform - following in the footsteps of (and forking the code of) the Rootkit dev team, we'll be holding our very own Market Generation Event. All of the developers and team members will be participating in the MGE alongside the community members.
There are two phases to the MGE - Generation and Distribution. During the Generation phase we will activate our MGE contract and allow for contributions of BNB. You can contribute as many times as you'd like throughout the event, as much as you'd like - we have no caps or limits and the event is set to run for seven days - so everyone worldwide has a fair and equal opportunity to join in!
Generation Phase
To participate in the MGE, users simply need to navigate to our Market Generation Event page on the Gangster Finance website and decide how much BNB they'd like to contribute. The way the MGE works is during this phase no matter when you contribute, everyone will be able to get in at the same price.
% of Raised funds will go towards paying referrals! The beauty of it all is that you do not have to contribute to refer others and receive $SK tokens as compensation. AKA FREE MONEY $$
Distribution Phase
When the event is over, and after we have double and triple checked everything for accuracy. We will complete the event and in one single transaction launch $GFI on NovaDEX (
  1. 1.
    We will mint all our tokens
  2. 2.
    Setup the initial contracts and distribute tokens
  3. 3.
    Initialize Liquidity Pools for NovaDEX trading and LOCK % of supply
  4. 4.
    Market buy for all contributors.
Immediately after we complete our MGE, both contributor and referral tokens will be available to be claimed.... once that happens, it's really time to get Gangster!