Use a Vault

This page will demonstrate how to use the OG Vault contracts, with the Gangster Finance website. You'll need some BNB for gas, and the relative token for each vault you wish to use.
To get started with OG Vaults, simply visit the Dashboard or one of the vaults (presently, WBNB, BUSD, BTCB or xSK), and connect your wallet using MetaMask, or another wallet provider of your choice. Note, you must be connected to Binance Smart Chain to use the OG Vaults.
A close-up of the OG Vaults interface.

Approving the Vaults

Before you deposit tokens, you'll need to approve the vault contract to transfer your tokens. Like all other contracts on Gangster Finance, our interface is configured to request approval for "MAX INT" on all tokens when you use the website interface. This is for maximum convenience - but if you wish to manually control approval amounts, there's no harm in doing so - but the interface might prompt you to approve more if required.

Depositing Tokens

Deposit component of the Vault interface
After you've approved the vault to transfer your tokens, you can type in an amount of tokens to deposit, then indeed tap/click "Deposit". Upon doing so, your wallet will request that you confirm a transaction - doing so will process the deposit, and update your details within the vault.

Withdrawing Tokens

Withdraw component of the Vault interface
If you're ready to withdraw tokens from the vault, all you need to do is enter the number of tokens you wish to withdraw, then tap/click the corresponding button. Upon doing so, your wallet will request that you confirm a transaction - doing so will process the withdrawal, and update your details within the vault. Notice, you will need to "harvest" your withdrawn tokens from your earnings, prior to seeing them in your wallet!

Compounding / Harvesting Earnings

When you are staking tokens or saving with the OG Vaults, you'll earn both instant dividends, as well as a portion of the Daily Drip pool. This means you can potentially grow your stake over time, and it's all fueled by others who are entering and exiting the contract!
A close-up of the player information panel, with the Compound and Harvest buttons in view.
If you tap/click "Compound", your earnings will be added to your current deposit. This compound will incur the 10% dividend fee as any other deposit call would, but it saves the gas of needing to withdraw your earnings, then deposit them manually.
Tapping / clicking "Withdraw" does exactly that - it withdraws any earnings directly to your wallet. Note, this is where unstaked tokens will show - so don't forget to withdraw after unstaking them!