Why GFI Token?

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Gangster Finance wants to be known for its strong tokenomics, trustable code and community. GFI should be a token which people want to HODL for a long time. With longevity and loyalty in mind we have allocated 30% of all transaction fees to be directly delivered to GFI stakers.
Your share in the staking pool determines how much of the payout you receive. There is no charge to stake/unstake (except for regular network gas fees). $GFI stakers will earn from all future $GFI tokens and smart contracts.
To add further motion and momentum, there is a minimum 10% Transaction Tax on all Buys/Sells and Transfers of GFI token. During strategic vault buybacks, double digit fees will be initiated up to 20% on sells. This will allow us to weed out weak hands and build price floor with diamond handed Gangsters.
Our team feels this is a much more improved and refined buyback/burn system than an automatic always on system. A more strategic approach to liquidity, buybacks and token burning will give our network the strength and stability it needs to grow.