Grand Vaults

We learned a lot about the vaults and how we can make them even better - so we created "Grand Vaults" (v1.2) - here you can learn all about them!
Similar interface, new engine!
Grand Vaults are the next version of the vault smart contract of Gangster Finance. They differ in only one small aspect, but they're a great step towards creating the larger ecosystem of Gangster Finance.
Upon deposit and withdrawal, the 10% fee which is collected is broken into the following portions: - 6% to the Drip Pool - 2% to Instant Dividends - 2% to the Buyback Fund
The Buyback Fund is a special allocation which adds value to the Gangster Reserve contract. Gangster Reserve is a whitelist-guarded contract which holds tokens and value for later use within the Gangster Finance ecosystem. The buyback funds are swapped for a desired token via an AMM router contract (typically, this will be PancakeSwap), and sent directly to the Reserve contract.
Anyone can trigger a buyback operation - the function is separate from any other call in the contract, so the cost of the swap and transfer is not a burden of any Gangster unwillingly. Note, there is no personal reward for triggering buybacks - it's a community-focused function and feature, ready to be built and expanded upon in the future.