Get a Gangster Name

Here's how to get a Gangster Name, from the Gangster Universal Name System (G.U.N.S.). Get yours quickly, before someone else does!
The Gangster ID registration page

Step 1: Check Availability

Visit the Gangster Finance website and navigate to the "Gangster ID" page. Think of a name you'd like to display to the rest of the platform (this will happen when you make deposits or withdrawals from vaults), and enter it in the "My Gangster Name" field.
Click "Check Availability". If it is available, you can then click "Buy Name" and pay the registration fee to set that name as your own. Once you have registered your name, you're good to go! If you want to change your name, you'll need to pay the registration fee again - so pick carefully!

Finding a Gangster Name

If you have a Gangster Name, you might be curious to find out who else has one - and now you can! If you have someone's wallet address, type (or copy-paste) it into the "Address to Check" field, and click/tap "Find Gangster ID". If there are any results, they'll show below the button!

Finding an Address

Have you ever wondered if a Gangster Name is still tied to the same wallet? Now you can check - type a Gangster Name into the "Gangster ID to Check" field, and click "Find Address". Note, Gangster names are case-sensitive - be sure to have the name exactly right!

Use Cases and Purpose

These names add a layer of personalization and accountability to the Gangster Finance platform - the smart contract collects a small fee to set name records, and the Gangster Finance team (The Ten OGs) collect the resulting funds to aid the growth of the Gangster Finance platform.
Any contract or system can use the Gangster Universal Name System - there is intention in the future to develop a 3rd-Party connection kit, to assist in the adoption of this technology layer.