$GFI - Gangster Finance Token

Here's all the most relevant information about the hottest token on the block!
Supply Tokenomics:
Our MGE will lock away 85% of the money raised with about 85% of GFI supply in our LP's / Vault.
15% of the money raised will be split in the following manner: - 6% to DonFunction (dev cut) - 2% to SideKick Finance (dev cut) - 2% to Gangster Finance OGs (via TeamSplitter contract) - 5% to Marketing and Promotion
Base Transaction Tax: 10% + Variable Dump Tax (0-10%), split as follows:
  • 1.5% Automatic sent to The Distillery
  • 1% to Gangster Finance Dev Wallet
  • 1% to SideKick Finance Developers
  • 1% to Gangster Finance OGs (TeamSplitter)
  • 3% to GFI Stakers (those who hold xGFI in their wallets)
  • 2.5% to the $GFI Vault for strategic buybacks & mega pumps as well as adding more locked liquidity